Terms & Conditions

Here is a summary of the terms and conditions on which we provide our services to you. Please read this page in full and familiarise yourself with this information prior to booking your appointment with us. Please feel free to contact us, to discuss any of this information in more depth.

How you may contact us:

  • The Haut Clinic is a Limited Company registered in England and Wales under Aesthetic Couture Limited.
  • Our company registration number is 10965946.

Our registered office and clinic is at:

103 Bradford Road,
LS29 6BU

You can contact us by:

Phoning us on: 07527 781765

Emailing us at: enquire@thehautclinic.co.uk

Writing to us at: the postal address which is our registered office address (above).

How we may contact you:

If we have to contact you we will do so by phoning or by emailing/texting you via the email address or phone number you provided to us. We may also get in touch by writing to you at the postal address you provided to us.

Deposit fee:

  • A non-refundable deposit of £50.00 is required for all treatment bookings.
  • This amount is per treatment, not per appointment.
  • Payment can be made via card, via bank transfer, via PayPal or in cash.
  • Bookings are not confirmed until a deposit payment has been made.
  • If there is a delay in making a deposit payment, your appointment slot may be allocated to somebody else. A booking will not be held for you without a deposit payment.
  • The deposit fee is strictly non-refundable. However, if you need to move your appointment: if you give us 7 days notice prior to your originally booked appointment and the appointment is moved to within 2 weeks of the original slot, we will transfer your appointment to another date. This is so long as our appointment availability can allow for this. If we don’t have the availability, then the appointment will not be able to be moved and the deposit fee will be forfeited.


  • All initial consultations are free of charge.
  • In the instance where you fail to attend the Initial Consultation without giving us at least 7 days notice, a further consultation date may be requested. However, it is at our sole discretion whether or not a further consultation appointment is provided and you will be required to pay a £50.00 deposit to secure that appointment.

Providing your information to us:

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that we are provided with all correct health related information prior to each treatment.
  • Occasionally, we may need to ask for other information from you, in relation to your treatment. If you do no provide this information within a reasonable time of us asking for it, or you provide us with incomplete or incorrect information, we reserve the right to decline treatment.

If, based on the information you have given us, we deem that:

  • you are medically unfit for treatment,
  • you are unsuitable for your chosen treatment;
  • your chosen treatment is unlikely to be successful;
    we will inform you of the rationale of why we have reached this conclusion, and we reserve the right to decline treatment.
  • We will not be liable for any damage that occurs as a result of the your failure to disclose relevant details.

Risks and Side effects:

We will always provide our services with every possible care and skill – but no clinical procedure is entirely risk free.

  • The results of any treatment cannot be guaranteed.
  • Information on common and rare complications will be discussed in detail at your consultation.

Attending your appointment:

  • Late arrival may result in a your appointment being rescheduled.
  • If you are running late, please ring us and we will attempt to accommodate your late arrival. This can not be guaranteed.


  • All visitors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times. A person receiving treatment is not deemed responsible in respect of this statement.
  • Where your chosen treatment is in several parts or is a Course – all parts of that treatment or Course must be taken within 12 months of the Initial Consultation.
  • Any parts of your chosen treatment not taken within 12 months will be forfeited along; with any pre-payments made.


Cancellation fees will apply when:

  • You request to cancel within 7 days of your appointment.
  • You fail to attend a scheduled appointment.

What happens to my deposit if I cancel/miss my appointment?

  • We will take the £50 as a fee.
  • A further £50 will be payable before a new appointment can be booked.

payable before a new appointment can be booked.

If the appointment in question is part of a course of treatments that has already been paid for, we will take the cost of the scheduled treatment as a fee. Note: not attending scheduled treatments as part of a course may impact the final result.


  • All treatments must be paid for at the time of the appointment.
  • We reserve the right to refer non-payments to debt collection agents.

Minimum age:

We do not offer cosmetic treatments – such as injectables – to anyone under the age of 18.