Welcome to C, in my A-Z of Skincare!

Dare I try to cover such a wonderful key ingredient in such a short post? I shall give it a go! Vitamin C is also known as Ascorbic Acid. It’s found in various foods, as many will know, and is also known as a common dietary supplement. But what does it do? And what can it do for our skin? Once upon a time, Vitamin C was used to prevent...

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Vitamin A

Vitamin A – a chemical compound and an essential nutrient – has a vast range of functions. Not only is it essential in supporting our overall growth and development, vision, immune system and reproductive system; it plays a hugely important role in maintaining our SKIN. Vitamin A is composed of two parts: Retinoids and Carotenoids....

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Hello I’m Beth…

Aesthetic Couture Owner Beth Hello! I’m Beth.I’m the Clinic Owner, Director and Lead Injector here at Aesthetic Couture.I’m a trained Adult Nurse, with a Postgraduate qualification in Public Health Nursing.My special interest is in Dermatology and Skincare – so you’ll often hear me talking about preventative and proactive approaches to...

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Let’s talk about Botox.

‘How long does it last?’ is rightly so one of the most frequently asked questions in relation to the ever popular anti-wrinkle treatment. And it’s surprisingly difficult to answer (initially). Let me explain… Scientific publications covering this same topic produce evidence that BTox treatments can produce results lasting...

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