Are you ready to WOW?

The WOW Facial is a results-driven 7-stage facial which is tailored to your skincare needs.

This ultimate WOW factor treatment is clinically proven as safe and effective and is suitable for all skin types and genders.

The WOW Facial can help treat a number of concerns thanks to its hyper-personalised set-up and the ability to tailor the facial to suit each person’s needs.

Key benefits

  • Improves complexion, texture and appearance of your skin
  • Creates glowing appearance
  • Increases elasticity and firmness
  • Prevents tired and dull looking skin
  • Promotes collagen stimulation and has many anti-ageing benefits
  • Provides education about your skin type and what to do at home
What does the treatment involve?

Encompassing all layers of the dermis, your WOW Facial treatment includes:

  1. Cleanse & Resurface
  2. Dermaplaning
  3. Professional Peel
  4. WOW Fusion
  5. LED Light Therapy
  6. The WOW Mask
  7. Finish & Protect
Is there any downtime?

The WOW Facial is designed to have no significant downtime, so that when you leave the clinic your skin will be glowing and luminous. Usually, this means you look a little pink when you leave – which settles within a few hours!

Your skin may feel a little rough following the exfoliation and rejuvenation stages, and this generally clears within 2-3 days.

The acids in the WOW Facial Pro Peels may cause your skin to become dry or flaky, feel tight and even peel. This is all part of the exfoliation process.

Does the WOW Facial® hurt?

The WOW Facial includes acids that are essential for rejuvenation. These tingle slightly when applied – but are not designed to hurt. The WOW Fusion involves the use of tiny needles, and whilst most people tolerate this, some people – depending on skin type – may find this slightly uncomfortable for a couple of minutes.

Cost & frequency

Each WOW Facial treatment is £230. 

The longevity of your results from one treatment depends on your skin requirements – and the amount of upkeep you maintain with aftercare. You might want to have a WOW Facial when you have a WOW event approaching. With good aftercare maintenance, your skin should continue to benefit from your treatment straight away – and for the next three months.

We generally recommend a WOW Facial once a year, with WOW Fusion treatments every 2 to 3 months.