How much Filler do I need?

This is a frequently asked question and one to which there is no set answer.

There is no ‘perfect amount’ of filler. Every single client is individual and every single client has individual goals.

It’s about assessing the area being treated (let’s say lips in this instance) and assessing what the current look is and what the desired look is.

Of course, there has to be a starting point – 0.55ml or 1ml? – but again, this is individual depending on the client’s features. It’s about understanding the products you are working with (only the very best for Aesthetic Couture client’s of course) and knowing how to utilise this dependant on what the client wants to achieve. Is it a natural enhancement on already plump lips, or is it a total lip transformation on extremely skinny lips?

There is no such thing as a perfect amount unfortunately, and this must be discussed at the initial consultation.

For those wanting a natural enhancement which simply means they can show off their lipstick a little better, this is possible. For those wanting a a plump juicy pout (which perhaps they weren’t born with), this is possible.

The point I am making is that this is all done with varying amounts of filler, and this depends on what the natural lip size/shape is.

1ml will not turn anyone into Leslie Ash (sorry, Leslie!) but it can be just the right amount for someone. 3mls (not all at once, heaven forbid) may seem like a heck of a lot, but it may be the right amount for someone.

So seeing as though there is no set answer, what should you do?!

Well, discuss the starting point with the practitioner. Trust them, and let them advise you whether to start with 0.55ml or 1ml. Discuss your goals. Let them advise you exactly how many syringes you may need and exactly how long it may take you to reach that goal (Take big events into consideration in advance!). Reassess after every treatment (once they have settled of course!) – how far along in your journey are you? Are you happy to stop adding filler and maintain, or do you want to keep building?

Be prepared to be extremely patient, 10/10 lips were NOT created overnight. (Plus, adding in layers keeps it far more natural than adding a huge amount in at once, and reduces the risk of complications). Understand that all lips are different – do not compare yourself to anyone else (1ml for you may go further than it does for your friend and that’s okay.)

I could go on but the basic point is to communicate with your practitioner. Work together. You should be included in the work being done! Understand the process and appreciate that great lips take time (and I can promise that they will be worth the patience).